Know Things Related to Skin Care

Skin care is a treatment procedure performed to maintain healthy skin and overcome various skin problems on the face. This type of treatment is one of the most common procedures and can be done routinely, both at home and in aesthetic clinics or hospitals. The skin is one of the organs in the human body. As the outer layer of the body, the skin has the main task of protecting the body from changes in temperature, microorganisms, radiation and chemical exposure, as well as pressure from outside the body. In addition, the skin also functions as a sense of touch and controls various aspects of the physiology of the human body, such as adjusting temperature and maintaining body fluid balance through sweating. Early skin care is very important to maintain and maintain skin function and youthfulness. In addition, skin care also has several benefits, including: Improve the appearance of facial skin. Treat and alleviate disorders that occur on facial skin. Prevent problems that might oc
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